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From VH1's Retrosexual:

"Tom Sellec was the last famous man to have a moustache. If you have a moustache now you are either gay, a cop, or a gay-cop."

Hahaha. Semi-true... unless you live in new york -- especially in williamsburg brooklyn or the lower east side. These places were also where the trucker hats started (back in 2000 or so)... so don't underestimate how influencial this place is.

Anyhow, I've been rocking facial hair since i was 17 or so, so it's kind of nothing new. However, having a big fucking cop moustache is really satisfying... and I definitely get a whole bunch of compliments and friends who tell me never to shave it.

People have referred to the look as the 'irony-stash.' Because see, it isn't just that it is gay men who have moustaches... it tends to be gays over 40 or so. So when young gays... or straights for that matter have them, it's a funny thing. Young people haven't had them for so long that it is now daring.

And daring is sexy... especially if you can pull it off. In my book, if I see a young hot guy rockin' a moustache that looks good on him, it's two extra boner points immediately.

Who's with me? Who thinks I'm full of shit?
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  • Irony only goes so far. Kissing men with 'staches is like making out with one of my vacuum's accessories. And don't get me started on the whole "free mustache rides" malarkey.
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      It's true... irony does only go so far. Excessive mullet + moustche + white trash clothing = too much.

      But I think I tastefully rock my unstasteful moustache... and haven't had any complaints post-make-outs. heh.

      And don't worry, I don't talk about 'free moustache rides.' I would like to think I'm more clever than that.
      • Glad it works for you and others in the world. Personally, I really really really really don't like them on men or women.
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          dude, my dad has a mustache. enough said.
          • Irony is making me sick at this point. I would like to know what people REALLY like.
            I would never make out with a dude with a mustache. Plus, I've been seeing that fu-man chu 'stach around for at least 10 years.
            • Goatees if done well and it suits the guy. Somehow I think they look better on a guy who has dark hair. I don't think I'd like how that would look on a blond or red headed guy. I've just conjured up an image of a friend of mine in high school who had flaming red hair wearing one. Yikes!!
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                I disagree, thumbs down to goatee.

                I say go moustache, and if you can't pull it off (many can't), go full beard. Not shaggy necessarily, but covering everywhere.
                • Well Shannon wanted to know what we really liked, so that is what I really like. However, my shrink has a moustache and my landlord has one too. I like both of them, but I'm not into dating someone with one.
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                    I know I know.

                    I'm just being a brat. Go Moustache!

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